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Puppet Performance

We have puppet performance for 4 times this month such as.

  1. We make puppet performance in the Khum O Church of Kompong Speu province.
  2. We perform it in the Church of Life Word.
  3. We perform it in Prey Nup Church.
  4. We perform it in  Hop of Christ Church.

Total the numbers of the audiences are 1735 people coming to see it. The Puppet performance is very popular and is very effective media to bring the message of hope of the Lord to the lost people to make them get Christian faith and the puppet’s story impacts every class and age of the people, especially the youth people today and also this local media is simple to attract the people to the Church.

Film Show

We have evangelized film show for two times in this December 2009 

  1. We  have film show in Phrich Church.
  2.  It is in Cambodia Independent Tonle Church.

Total the numbers of the audiences are 577 people coming to see it.  The evangelized film show about the World Genesis is very good for the people to know and it interest the people.

BCC Activities

In this December 2009 we have 108 Adult BCC students in Cambodia Independent Tonle  Church and 229 Children BCC students in Khum O Church have graduated course III and come to get BCC certificate. And also there are 220 Adult BCC students and 267 Children BCC students have graded course II.

BCC Volunteer

This December 2009 we have 3 new BCC volunteers and old BCC volunteers get BCC lesson books and media tools such as CD, Booklets and Calendars for new year to give the people in the villages and Church people in order to make them know about LHM Cambodia’s programs and activities. LHM Cambodia’s programs get progress is because of having the association and collaboration with the Church leaders, pastors and BCC volunteers. Now there are more people and Church people know LHM Cambodia’s programs by BCC and ETS trained volunteers and contact us for Puppet performance, local media tools and BCC.

Changed Lives

My name is Mr. Rachana, 26 years old, Universal Educated School director lives in Chhouk district of Kompot province. At first I would like to thank LHM Cambodia and present my testimony of how the Lord works for my life before I believed in Jesus Christ. One day there was very much dark cloud and strong wind with rain to blow the wedding shelter during the wedding of my younger sister but it happened before a time that the guests coming to eat. At that time I said that Jesus Christ if you have real great power tell the wind and the rain to stop I would believe. It was about over 10 minutes later the wind and the rain was calm and the guest started coming to eat. My parent and I were very pleased and thanked God very much for helping us. We would lose the money with food if that strong wind and the rain bothered the guests to come. My parents and I started to change in our hearts and by the power of God’s Spirit we were led to the Christian faith. Since that time we help to serve God’s ministries by getting BCC lesson books for my children and adult students to learn to enlarge His kingdom. Most of children and adult students who have come to learn in the Universal Educated School are very poor and disobeyed their parents before they came here. But now they were changed their hearts after learning BCC lesson books. And also I am very pleased to see that God has changed my parent’s hearts that is the people have fanatically believed in Buddhism. Thank the Lord.


Mr. Rachana

Ministry Activities


We are the Church leaders of Roung Independent Church, Phrich Church, Tonle Chivit Church, Takouch Church, Chhouk Church, Christ Church, Church of Life Word, Khom O Church and Prey Nup Church and are the representative of the Cambodian poor people would like to thank the Christian people, the LHM director and OGT director who have the generousness and worked very hard to look for and collect the OGT items from various places to give the Cambodian poor people. Your good gesture and generousness increasingly make us having strong believed to follow God and this is a grace of the Lord who always gives His people. Would God please continue to bless us that are His poor people. At the end we would like to pray God to bless you all and your families to have good health to serve God’s ministries and also we would like God’s works grow and progresses everywhere to make the lost people get His words, know His name and salvation.


Church leaders  

Ministry Activities

In this December we have attended to enjoy the Christmas in Tonle Chivit Church to promote CCMC project to ask the people to help CCMC programs. And also in this December we have OGT item distribution to the poor people in eight Churches such as Phrich Church, Tonle Chivit Church, Takoch Church, Chhouk Church, Christ Church, Church of Life Word, Saphear Phibal Church and Prey Nub Church. The poor people are very pleased to come to get these OGT gifts and they would like to thank LHM director and OGT director who have worked very hard to look for and collect these OGT items from various places to give them. Thank God for helping us,  may His ministries and kingdom progress.