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Puppet Performance Program

We proclaim the gospel of the Lord to reach out the lost people because we want them to know about who Jesus is and get the Christian faith to live in a peaceful life with the name of Jesus Christ. And I want them to know LHM ministries and help to support LHM Cambodia by being BCC volunteer and contact us for other CCMC’s programs and come to the Church and help to serve God’s ministries.

We have puppet performance for 2 times this month.

  1. On January 24, 2010 we make puppet performance in the Four Gospel Church in Mondulkiri province.
  2. On January 27, 2010 we perform it in Taches village of the New Life Church in Kompong Chhnang province.

Total the numbers of the audiences are 319 people coming to see it. The  Puppet performance is very popular and is very effective media to bring the message of hope of the Lord to the lost people to make them changing their lives by the puppet performance and also its story impacts every class and age of the people today.

Youth Program

We provide Christian guidance to youth to help them make good healthy decisions in their lives and make Bible study group for them to learn to  get the Christian faith and follow God’s words to change their lives to live in peace with God and also we ask them to be BCC volunteer to help LHM ministries.  

On January we have youth program for 4 times in four places such as.

  1. On January 15 we make it in the Church of the True Way of Life in Phnom Pen.
  2. On January 17 we make it in the Sleng Church at Takeo province.
  3. On January 19 we make it in Svay Reing Church.
  4. On January 24 we make it in the Four Gospel Church.

Total the number of the youths who attended it is 169 people.

BCC Activities and OGT item distribution

In this January we have come to see the adult BCC volunteers to distribute them the printing materials for the people, see the Children and the Four Gospel Church leader to contact him for the Children BCC program. And also in this January we have OGT item distribution to the poor Christian youths in the Church of the True Way of Life. The poor Christian youths are very pleased to get these OGT gifts and they would like to give thank to the OGT director who gave them these OGT gifts. This month we will finish the OGT item distribution to the poor people.

The under pictures are about the OGT item distribution in the Church of True Way of Life

ETS Training Workshop

On January 2010 we have ETS training workshop in Four Gospel Church at Mondulkiri province. There are 38 people participate it and get 9 new ETS trained volunteers. Most of the participants are the tribe people.

The objective of the ETS training workshop is.

1. What is LHM? 2. Why Evangelize, 3. Evangelism, 4. Recipes, 5. Hospitality, 6. Local Media, 7. Commission, 8. Recruit ETS trained volunteer to help LHM Cambodia ministry programs

The ETS training workshop went well because of we had contacted the pastor and Church leader of this Four Gospel Church before we started it and we prepared every material that related to the ETS training workshop for the ETS participants such as ETS bags, song CD, cartoon VCD, cartoon Books, Booklets, requested form papers for puppets performance and film show to fill with request, fundraising promotion flyers, CCMC brochures and CCMC address with telephone’s numbers, CCMC E-mail, website and WordPress to contact CCMC. And also we gave the participants the evaluation papers to evaluate us and the ETS workshop after finishing it. The pastor, Church leader and participants are friendly, happy, good cooperation and they are very interested in LHM project of Local Media and Equipping.

The picture with a person who stand alone is the ETS trained volunteer

Changed Lives

I am Mr. Yearng San 33 years old, lives in Monorom district of Mondulkiri province would like to present you all about my testimony that God greatly worked in my life after I believed in Him. At first I didn’t believe in any religion and also I never knew Jesus Christ. One day there was a man coming into my house to proclaim the gospel of the Jesus Christ but in that time I did not say anything besides listening and he gave me some evangelized books to read before he left my house. He came to my house one time a week to attract and encourage me with God’s words and gave me some more BCC lesson books to learn but I still didn’t follow him because I did not know what Jesus Christ is. I sometime got away from him by murmuring when I saw him coming from a distance and also my parent disliked him coming to bother our works. But latter time my bore melted away to make me to accept and follow God’s words when he came to pray for our lives that met stress problem. God’s words increasingly interested me and changed every my bad habit and life to live in a good life and peace with God. Since that time my parent and I always pray to God to bless us and our neighbors for good health and lives. Moreover I volunteered to serve God’s ministry to reach out the lost people to make them get the salvation and change their lives as I did.