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Youth Program

Every month we have provided Christian guidance to youth to help them to make good healthy decisions in their lives and make Bible study group to make them get the Christian faith and ask them to be BCC volunteer to help LHM Cambodia ministries programs and proclaim God’s words in their community to reach out the lost people. We make it for 4 times a month in four Churches by having good cooperation with Church leaders and pastors. We have 3 kinds of youth groups , the first youth group are the students who come from the various provinces and stay in the dorm, the second youth group is sent from the various provinces to learn short training course of Bible they stay in the Church and change every three months and the third youth group is the villager who  live near the Church.


We have enrolled new BCC students from 400 to 840 persons each month and from 300 to 400 BCC students have finished BCC lesson books each month. This month we have BCC students rally and baptize them for 100 people by helping to baptize them from pastor of LHM Cambodia advocacy board. And also there is one BCC volunteer name Mr. Vanna who is a leader of the Cambodia Independent Tonle Church requested to be a member of LHM. And also the other three Churches leaders who are BCC volunteers in Takeo province requested LHM Cambodia to make three worship places at theie Church members’ houses to enlarg God’s kingdom. LHM is growing bigger and bigger, this is because of good ministries and God’s power to work in their hearts. Thank Lord.

Puppet Performance

We have puppet performance for 5 times this month to proclaim the gospel of the Lord to reach out the lost people to make them know the Jesus Christ, His words and get Christian faith to change their lives. And every month we get new BCC students from three hundred to five hundred to learn BCC lessons by helping from BCC volunteers and direct contact with LHM Cambodias staffs when we have come to make puppet show, film show, youth program and other ministries programs in the villages. And also we get new BCC volunteers from 3 to 5 people each month to help LHM Cambodia ministry programs. Thank Lord for this fruitful works.