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Puppet Performance

Every month we make puppet performance for 4 times in Churches, villages, orphanages and school by having good collaboration with local congregations, BCC volunteers, Church leaders, pastors, local authority and Christian organization to build cooperation and connection to proclaim the gospel of the Lord to the people to reach out the lost people to make them changing their lives, get Christian faith and come to the Church. Puppet performance is very helpful and effective media to attract and connect the people for LHM Cambodia’s programs and there are many people changed their lives, get Christian faith by Puppet performance and go to Church by BCC and ETS trained volunteers. Thank Lord for His ministries progress.

Youth Program

We make youth program for 4 times a month in the Church of True way of Life, Sleng Church, Snuol Church; Light of Church to provide Christian guidance to youth to help them make healthy decisions in their lives and educate youth from a Christian perspective on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, the impact of negative lifestyles, and the effect of social forces that transmit negative values to youth. Most of the youth who have attended this program are the students who come from each province to learn in Phnom Penh and nowadays the numbers of the youth who have attended this program is increasing and we will enlarge this youth program to the other Churches by requesting it from some Church leaders.

OGT PET distribution

We have Orphan Grain Train (OGT) PET distribution to the disable people who have come to get it in LHM Cambodia office. That is the grace of the Lord who gave them to get comfortable travel to make the other occupations for getting the money to help their family’s lives and reduce their poverty. The disable people would like to thank the OGT director, International LHM director and your staffs very much for endeavoring to look for the PET to give us and we are very pleased to get them. Would God please bless them to have good health and wisdom to serve God’s ministries and His kingdom. Thank Lord