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Puppet Performance

We have puppet performance for 4 times this month to give the message of hope of the Lord to reach out the lost people to make them know the Jesus Christ and accept Him. And Puppet performance in Cambodia is very popular and attracts every class of the audiences to change their lives to accept Christian faith and serve LHM Cambodia’s programs by this puppet performance. Every month we get new BCC students, new BCC volunteers, new Christian faith believers and refer new Christian believers to Church, especially the adults and the teenagers by puppet performance and other LHM Cambodia’s programs. Nowadays, the LHM Cambodia’s puppet performance reach the unchristian people and Christian people everywhere by LHM Cambodia’s program activities in the villages and Churches, brochures, e-mail, website, wordpress and public relation. This is the grace of the Lord who works in their hearts and LHM International director and Asia Counselor who pointed out and advised us to achieve this LHM programs. Every part of LHM Cambodia’s programs is growing up to reach out the lost people in the city and countryside to make them get God’s words and accept Him to be their true God who saved the people’s lives and created every thing for the people.

Youth Program

Every month we have provided Christian guidance to youth to help them to make good healthy decisions in their lives and make Bible study group to make them get the Christian faith and ask them to be BCC volunteer to help LHM Cambodia ministries programs and proclaim the gospel of the Lord in the community to reach out the lost people. We make this youth program by having good cooperation with Church leaders and pastors. Most of the youths who have come to attend this program are the students from the various provinces to stay in the dorm in Phnom Penh for study and the other youths are the new Christian people who are sent from the various provinces to stay and learn the Bible in the Church of True Way of Life in Phnom Penh. These youths are changed every 3 month. LHM Cambodia youth program reach the other Churches in the provinces and some Church leaders requested LHM Cambodia to enlarge it in other provinces to harden the youths for Christian faith and make good healthy decisions in their lives.

Ministry Promotion Activities

On May 2010 LHM Cambodia staffs have worked to collaborate with the Church leader, BCC volunteers and other congregations to make LHM Cambodia’s programs promotion to the people who live in Beong Nimol village in Independent Tonle Church at Komport province to make them know LHM Cambodia’s programs, proclaim the gospel of the Lord to reach out the lost people and ask them to help LHM Cambodia programs by being BCC volunteer. The people are very interested in BCC program and they have asked BCC books to learn and also they would like to thank God who opens the way for them to come to see Him.

OGT item distribution

We have Orphan Grain Train (OGT) pull wheelchairs distribution in LHM Cambodia office for 7 polio people. The disable people would like to thank the OGT director, International LHM director and your staffs very much for endeavoring to look for these pull wheelchairs to give us and we are very pleased to get them with some clothing, clothing hangers and so on in the pull wheelchair boxes. These OGT aid items are very good and they are very important for us because they can cut down our expenses and raise our lives. This is your big love to give us and it is your good example to teach us to know to give the love and donate some things to the poor people. We would like to pray to the Lord to bless OGT director, LHM director, your staffs and all of your families to have good health and achieve every your works. Thank Lord for your generous heart.