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Puppet Performance Program

Puppet performance is very popular in Cambodia to attract every class of the people to know Jesus Christ and change their lives through faith in Christ and by God’s Words heard in each performance story of God. We have performed it for four times a month in the villages by having good cooperation with local authority, Church leaders, pastors and other congregations. There are many people know LHM Cambodia ministries, especially the non-Christian people make connection with LHM Cambodia to request for local media and equipping programs for learning. And moreover they went to Church and helped LHM Cambodia ministry programs by being BCC volunteer after they had finished BCC lesson books. LHM Cambodia get the progress and success are because of having the advice and point out from Asia Area Counselor and LHM International director. Thank Lord for helping us.

Youth Program

On June we have provided Christian guidance to youth to help them to make good healthy decisions in their lives and make Bible study group to make them get the Christian faith and ask them to be BCC volunteer to help LHM Cambodia ministries programs to proclaim the gospel of the Lord to reach out the lost people. We make youth program every week by having good cooperation with congregations, Church leaders and pastors. There are many other Church leaders requested LHM Cambodia helping to harden the Youth program in their Churches. LHM Cambodia ministry is increasingly better and better to make the Churches, congregations and pastors know and participate LHM Cambodia programs, especially the un-churched people have attended and change their lives to get Christian faith by Local Media and Equipping programs of LHM Cambodia ministries in the community. This is because of the grace of the Lord, His advice and His endeavor. Thank Lord

BCC Activities

We have two kinds of Bible Correspondence Course Programs (BCC) are Adult BCC and Children BCC in order to serve as an introduction and intermediate step to forming a closer relationship between LHM Cambodia Christian Ministry Center and local congregations, Church leaders and pastors to help BCC program and give the un-churched people a smooth transition to learning about who Jesus is and what the Christian faith is all about. BCC program is very popular to evangelize in Cambodia to reach out the lost people to make them changing their lives and led by the Holy Spirit to faith in Jesus Christ and Christian faith. On June 2010 we have enrolled new BCC students for 2417 persons to get BCC books to learn and get 3 new BCC volunteers to help LHM Cambodia programs. And also there are 270 adult BCC students receive the certificates after they have graduated course III. Thank Lord who have made LHM Cambodia’s ministry programs have good process and get success. This is the Lord’s grace that has helped us, give advice and lead us to achieve your ministries. We would like to pray for the lost people to change their lives and were led by the Holy Spirit to faith in Jesus Christ.