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Advocacy board meeting

From August 15 to 20, 2010 Mrs Gunya has come to visit LHM Cambodia office in Phnom Penh to review the ministrys activities of LHM Cambodia and discuss about the other works as below.

1. Review ministrys activities and organizational management.

2. Discuss strategy regarding success, ministry planning, fundraising plan and budget.

3. Share the director workshop.

4. Discuss holistic ministry.

5. Discuss MOU and sign MOU.

6. Interview candidates for Assistant/Director position.

7. Meet the manager of CBN regarding OGT container.

8. Meet auditor to ask about Financial Report for FY 2009-2010.

The visiting of Mrs.Gunya to LHM Cambodia gave us more knowledge by showing the ideas and advices about how to get the success from the LHM Cambodias work activities and the other works that I have mentioned above. LHM Cambodias staffs and I are very pleased to get her ideas and advices to work and achieve LHM Cambodia ministrys goals. And we hope that LHM Cambodia ministry will increasingly get the success. Thank Lord.

Youth Program

On August,2010 we have youth program for 4 times in 3 Churches are the Church of True Way of Life in Phnom Penh, SlengChurch in Takeo province, the Church of True Way of Life and the BaptistChurch in Phnom Penh. There are 80 youths who attended it and this youth program has been made by having good cooperation with Church leaders and BCC volunteers. It is a very good program for LHM Cambodia to educate the youths to avoid the dangers of drug, alcohol abuse, the impact of negative lifestyles, and the effect of social force that transmit negative values to youth. And also these youths help to evangelize and promote LHM Cambodia programs in the community to reach out the non-Christian people to get Christian faith and come to Church. Every month we get the new BCC volunteers from youth group and other congregations by these youths to connect LHM Cambodia for local media and equipping.

Puppet Performance

On August we have puppet performance for three times in the villages to give the messages of hope of the Lord to the people to reach out the lost people to make them coming back to get Christian faith. Every puppet performance we always get the responses from the audiences to request for the other evangelism materials to learn and ask to attend the other programs of LHM Cambodia. We make LHM Cambodia programs by having good collaboration with BCC volunteer and Church leaders. And nowadays, there are more villagers, congregations and Church leaders know LHM Cambodia and contact us to request for the programs to do in their villages. We remarked that the people have more life change with accepting the Christian faith since we made local media and equipping in their community and moreover there are many people quitting the old idea that used to commit abstract faith to come back to accept the Jesus Christ. This is a progress of the God’s ministries that Him blessed us.

BCC Student Rally and Baptism

On August 18, 2010 we had BCC students rally and the baptism of 295 people. There were 113 men, 161 women, 9 boys and 12 girls. It was collaborated with CambodiaIndependent TonleChurch. These students had completed BCC lesson books from chapter 1 to chapter 3. They were very pleased to attend BCC rally and Baptism with many people because it was a good chance for them to know each other, pray to encourage each other and exchange the experience with each other to serve God’s ministries. After Baptism, I interviewed two old women about how they became a Christian and how they felt after getting Baptism. They answered that they had accepted Christian faith and Jesus Christ by seeing puppet performance in their villages and latter they connected BCC volunteers to ask for some evangelism books to read. And the BCC volunteer gave BCC lesson books to them to learn and after that they came to Church by BCC volunteer. At first, they did not know who Jesus is and what Christian faith is, but after they finished BCC lesson books they understood and knew that Jesus Christ is a very good God that the people have to follow Him. And also they have good feeling after getting Baptism because God cleaned up their sins and gave them the new life.