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Changed Life

I am Miss. khun Helen; 18 years old live in Korng Chey village, Peanchung commune, Orangouv district Kampong Cham province. Before presenting you about my life change I would like to thank for LHM Cambodia that gave me and my friends BCC program to study. After study these BCC lessons made me understanding more about Gods love and the death of the Lord on a cross to save the peoples lives. This is a great grace of the Lord that helps us. I feel that God is with us to prevent our lives and save our lives from sins and educate us to know how to live in Christian’s life. Furthermore, these lessons hardened my Christian faith to avoid the problems to live in peace with God. I was born in Buddhist and I did not know who Jesus was before, but now I changed my life because I knew that Jesus Christ was a real God and was a great God that the people must follow Him. I would like to pray for the non-Christian people to change their lives and come back to get Christian faith and serve Gods ministries as I do. No one is as good as Jesus Christ. Thank Lord.



ETS program

On September we make Equipping The Saints (ETS) in Banteay Meanchey province to promote lay Christians to share their faith and provide them with useful tools and strategies for witnessing and want them to know the LHM Cambodia ministry programs to participate and cooperate with LHM Cambodia to promote Gods ministries. There are 38 participants coming from various denominations to attend it such as Protestant, Baptist, Presbyterian and IndependentChurches. And also we have gotten 8 new ETS trained volunteers to help LHM Cambodias programs. These ETS trained volunteers get LHM Cambodias evangelism materials and request puppet performance and film show to promote in their community to make the non-Christian people have known Jesus Christ and change their lives to accept Christian faith. LHM Cambodias programs have good process and progress is because of having good cooperation with the Church leaders, pastors, local congregation, local authority and good advice from Asia Area Counselor and LHM International director.

Youth Program

On September we have provided Christian guidance to youth to help them to make good healthy decisions in their lives and make Bible study group to make them get the Christian faith and ask them to be BCC volunteer to help LHM Cambodia ministries programs. There are 75 youths from different Churches that have attended it and some of them are the non-Christian people from Garment Factory, building construction workers and students. They are very pleased to join youth program to learn God’s words and God’s ministries to contact the LHM Cambodia’s programs to promotion in the villages. Every month we get testimony and BCC volunteers that is the participants of this Youth Program to help LHM Cambodia’s programs. Youth program that has good process is because of having good cooperation with Church leaders, congregations and pastors. It is very good program to provide Christian guidance to them to have good healthy decisions and learn the gospel of the Lord.

On September we have youth program for 4 times in 3 Churches are.

1. The Church of True Way of Life in Phnom Penh.

2. The Covenant Church in Kampong Speu province.

3. The Chey Takuon Church in Kampong Speu province.

Thank Lord for giving us the wisdom to proclaim the gospel of the Lord to the people and lead His ministries to get the success

Puppet Performance

On September we have puppet performance for four times in the villages to give the messages of hope of the Lord to the people to reach out the lost people to make them coming back to get Christian faith. Every puppet performance we always get the responses, testimony and connection from the audiences to request for the other evangelism materials to learn and ask to attend the other programs of LHM Cambodia. We make LHM Cambodia programs by having good collaboration with Church leaders and pastors. Nowadays, there are more villagers, congregations, pastors and Church leaders know LHM Cambodias programs and they contact us to request for the programs to proclaim the gospel of the Lord in their villages. We remarked that the people have more life change and accept the Christian faith since we made local media and equipping in their community and moreover there are many people quitting their old idea that used to believe in the abstract faith to come back to accept the Jesus Christ. This is the mighty of the Lord and His words that have worked in their heart to change their lives to become the Christian. Thank Lord