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Mr. Bou Thong is a farmer and lives in Chba Ampov village in Kompot province(on the Left). The village has just been built about 10 years. It hides in the forest. There are 381 houses in this village now. it is very hard for travelling from home to home there. But God still does His works_ He has called many people to unite in the house of Mr. Bou Thong as the church. On July 15 2011 CCMC/LHM Cambodia staff has been invited to do the Puppet Show and Youth Program there. We cannot drive the van into his home, we parked the van in the main road and walked through the field and muddy to his house about 1 kilometer. We taught 19 youth at the house of Mr. Bou Thong and performed puppet in 2 different places in Chba Ampov. There were 87 children and many adults seen the show. Praise God for leading us to do and share His love to the lost.

Thank you and God blesses you.

July 21, 2011

Mr. Vann Ravy

National Day of Prayer in Cambodia in July 2011

In July 01 2011 we jointed the National Day of Prayer. And July 06 2011 we jointed the United Pastor Fellowship. At both events we told the Pastors and Church leaders about the Cambodian LHM program such as Puppet; Film Show; Youth program and BCC. Later some of them requested our programs to do in their churches and preaching stations. Please pray for LHM program to reach out the lost people to coming back and accept the Christian faiith.

Youth Program

On July 2011 we have provided Christian guidance to youth to help them to make good healthy decisions in their lives and make Bible study group to make them get the Christian faith and ask them to be BCC volunteer to help LHM Cambodia ministries programs. There are 110 youths from different Churches have attended Youth Program and some of them are Garment Factory workers and students. They are very pleased to join youth program for God changes their lives, the idea, experiences and know each other to contact the works for Gods ministries. Nowadays the Youth Program is going to have good process and get progress like the other programs in the LHM Cambodia. There are some other Church leaders requesting LHM Cambodia staffs to join the youth programs in their Churches to make their youth programs get progress. These good achievements are built by having help from the Lord. Thank God for these progressive works.

Film Show

On July 14, 2011 we have to make film show at the Cambodian World Family (CWF), at Phnom Leav village, Pong Teuk commune, Dom Nak Chang Oeu district, Kep province. There are 71 people who attended it and this program has been made by having good cooperation with Church leaders, pastor and BCC volunteers. It is a good program for LHM Cambodia to reach out the lost people to know about Jesus Christ and accept Christian faith in their lives after they watched film show. This program helps to evangelize and promote LHM Cambodia programs in the community to reach out the non-Christian people to get Christian faith and come to the Church.

Puppet Performance

On July 2011 we made puppet performance for 4 times in Kampot and Kep province to give the messages of hope of the Lord to the people to reach out the lost people to make them coming back to get Christian faith. Every puppet performance we always get the responses from the audiences to request for the other evangelism materials to learn and ask to attend the other programs of LHM Cambodia. We make LHM Cambodia programs by having good collaboration with BCC volunteer, pastor and Church leaders. And nowadays, there are more villagers, congregations, organization and church leaders know LHM Cambodia and contact us to request for the programs to do in their communities. We remarked that the people have more life change with accepting the Christian faith since we made local media and equipping in their community and moreover there are many people quitting the old idea and abstract faith to come back to accept the Jesus Christ. We have performed it for four times a month in the villages by having good cooperation with local authority, Church leaders, pastors and other congregations. There are many people know and participate LHM Cambodia ministries programs by local Media and Equipping, especially the non-Christian people make connection with LHM Cambodia to request for local media and equipping programs for learning and promote them to the other people. And moreover they went to Church and helped LHM Cambodia ministry programs by being BCC volunteer after they had finished BCC lesson books. LHM Cambodia got the progress and success is because of having the advice and point out from Asia Area Counselor and LHM International director. Thank Lord for helping us to make these works have good process and progress.


We are the Pastor and church leaders of the River of Life Church in Chouk District of Kompot Province. I would like to say thank you to the Lutheran Hour Ministries/CCMC team for helping us to do Outreach to the new community. In April 2011 we started a new small group in Prey Kmao village. We have 4 families that believe in God there now. Praise God that CCMC has come to help us proclaiming the gospel through the Puppet Performance on June 15, 2011. There were 99 children and adults had seen the show. On that day we needed to hire the Makeshift to transport the equipment for the show. The village is not so far from the town ( About 40 kilometers) but there is no road for the van to get there. We usually drive motorbike for 40 minutes to that village but it took 3 hours on the June 15 by van and the Makeshift. Anyway we thank God for providing us the tools to use for outreach. May His Name be glorified, Amen!

Thank you and God blesses you

June 20, 2011

Pastor Tet Vanna (38 years old)

Mr. Eu Som Nang (24 years old)

Mrs. Em Chan Thol ( 28 years old)


On June 16, 2011 we conducted the evangelism training (ETS) in Por Dos Gospel Church, Beng Nimoul commune, Chouk district of Kompot province to promote lay Christians to share their faith and learn more from each other especially want them to promote Gods ministries in their community by provide them with useful tools and strategies for witnessing, want them to know the LHM Cambodia ministry programs to participate. There are 37 participants coming from 22 groups/churches/preaching stations to attend it and also we have gotten 9 new ETS trained volunteers Jto help LHM Cambodias programs. These ETS trained volunteers help to promote and get LHM Cambodias programs to promote in their community to make the non-Christian people and lost people have known Jesus Christ and change their lives to accept Christian faith. LHM Cambodias programs have good process and progress is because of having good cooperation from the volunteers, Church leaders, pastors, congregation and good advice from Asia Area Counselor and LHM International director.