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My name is Saron Elija. I have lived in Kompong Cham province. But in 2006 I attended the Kompong Som Presbyterian Bible School. In 2009 after I graduated the church president sent me and my wife to serve the congregation in Pai Lin. When we travel on high way # 5 to Battam Bang and turn left on high way # 57 to reach the black land_ there we call Pai Lin. Since I come to Pai Lin till now_ there is no one come to visit and encourage me. I have met some challenges so far in the ministry and I have the burden in the family too. Since 2009 till now my wife gave birth to two children. Thank God on the February 22, 2012 God sent Mr. Phin Naro and CCMC staff to see and encourage us and shared to us about outreach program such as Youth program, Music Events and BCC. After we had discussion Mr. Phin Naro asked all CCMC staff and I into the church to lay hands on me, some even touch and pray for me. That is the first time after a long time that I heard the voice of brothers and sister in Christ to support me. I got encouragement so much through this action. I hope that through the partnership between CCMC and Presbyterian Church in Pai Lin God will open the door for many souls to heaven. Amen!


February 29, 2012


Saron Elija