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       On October 11-12, 2012 we made film show at Bethsaida Church in Boeng Trach village, Chamka Hluong commune, Kompong Sela district, Preah Sihanouk province and at Sela Mneang village, Sre Ambel commune, Sre Ambel district, Kos Kong province. There were 220 people who attended it and this program has been made by having good cooperation with Pastor Chucm Mom and some leader at there to make this program. It is good chance for LHM Cambodia to reach out people there to know about Jesus by film show. This program helps to evangelize the lost people to accept the Christian faith after they watched the Good News movie.

Film Show program on October 2012 at Chikhor village

Film Show at Chikhor village on October 2012

Film Show at Bethsey da Church on  October 2012

Film Show at Beth Seyda Church in Presihanouk province


        On October, 2012 we made puppet performance for three times at difference places to build cooperation and connection with local congregations to give the message of hope of the Lord to reach out the lost people to make them known Jesus Christ and want them to get Christian faith we did it at Pich Nil Primary School in Treng Troying commune, Phnom Sruoch district, Kompong Speu province, at Sbek Preal village, Treng Troying district, Kompong Speu province and at Chhouk village, Chi Khor Leu commune, Sre Ambil district, Kos Kong province. This month we got the responses from the audiences to request for the other evangelism materials to learn and ask to attend the other programs of LHM Cambodia. We made LHM Cambodia programs by having good collaboration with Church leaders, pastors and BCC volunteers. And nowadays, there are more  Organizations, congregations and Church leaders know LHM Cambodia and contact us to request for the programs to do in their communities and Churches.

Puppet performance at Koh Kong province

Puppet performance in Kampong Speu province

Puppet Performance show in Kampong Speu province


      My name is Ly Tivanny. I am 48 years old. I am the leader of the Glad Tiding Church in Kompong Speu for 13 years now. And I am also the committee member of the Kompong Speu Churches Association. Since I became the committee member of the association in May 2012, I felt to have a burden. Because I did not know how to help the pastors/church leaders in Kompong Speu to grow in maturity in their faith. We met and prayed many times together among the 7 leaders in the committee. Thank God on the September 19, 2012_ the Cambodia Christian Ministry Center (CCMC) team came and conducted a seminar called “ETS Evangelism Workshop” in my church. We invited 56 pastors/church leaders from the whole province of Kompong Speu to attend. I was so happy to see all participants united and learned together. It has had the flame from God to burn in our hearts because God values the lost people so much that He wants all people to turn back to our heavenly home.We would like to express our sincere to Pastor Phin Naro and all CCMC team for spending time and CCMC resource to help us.

May God bless all of you.

September 28, 2012

Ms. Ly Tivanny

Change Life

ETS workshop

    On September 19, 2012 we made Equipping The Saints at Glad Tiding Church in Kampong Speu province to promote lay Christians to share their faith and want them to contact our program to evangelize and strategies for witnessing and want them to know the LHM Cambodia ministry programs to participate and promote God’s ministries. There are 56 participants coming from various denominations to attend it and also we have gotten 7 new ETS trained volunteers to help LHM Cambodia’s programs. These ETS trained volunteers help to promote and get LHM Cambodia’s programs to promote in their community to make the non-Christian people and lost people have known Jesus Christ and change their lives to accept Christian faith. LHM Cambodia’s programs have good process and progress is because of having good cooperation from pastors and the volunteers, Church leaders and good advice from Asia Area Counselor and LHM International director.

ETS volunteers

ETS training workshop

ETS training workshop at Glad Tiding Church


    On September, 2012 we made youth program for five times at difference places with other local churches. We made Youth program to provide Christian guidance to youth to help them make healthy decisions in their lives and also this program educate youth from a Christian perspective on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, the impact of negative lifestyles, and the effect of social forces that transmit negative values to youth. There are 135youths from different Churches have attended Youth Program and some of them are Garment Factory workers, building construction workers and students. They are very pleased to join youth program for God changes their lives, the idea, experiences and know each other to contact the works for God’s ministries. Nowadays the Youth Program is going to have good process and get progress like the other programs in the LHM Cambodia. There are some other Church leaders requesting LHM Cambodia staffs to join the youth programs in their Churches to make their youth programs get progress. This good achievement built by having help from the Lord.

Youth program at True Way of Life church

Youth program at Samki Meanchey church

Youth program at Good Shepherd Lutheran Dormitory


     On September 19, 2012 we made Music Event at Tree Of Life Church in Prey Pong Rour village, Rokakoh commune, Korng Pisey district, Kampong Speu province. There are 43 people, They are very pleased to attend Music event program and it is a good chance for them to know each other, pray to encourage for each other and change the experience with each other to serve God’s ministries. This program helps to evangelize and promote LHM Cambodia programs in the community to reach out the non-Christian people to accept Christian faith and strengthen the new Christian come to the Church.

Music event.

Music Event in September 2012

Music Event at Tree of life church in Kampong Speu province