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This month we went to visit the church leaders in the province at different places:

1/- Pastor David of the Abundant life church

2/- Mrs. Senith and her family of Phkai Prek Church

3/- Mrs. San Som of Chhrey Church and

4/- Mr. Rus Orn and his wife of Po Pel Khe village. The purpose of the visitation is to build the relationship with those leader and encourage them to cooperate with our team to make the evangelism program in the future.

Public Relation..







Public Relation

Public Relation


Public Relation


Recently, we have made youth program for two times at difference places such as:

 1- At Four Square Gospel Church in Pailin province.

 2- At Prey Tear village, Chom Chao commune, Donkor district, Phnom Penh city. We make this program for Evangelize to the Youths and sharing the love of God for all nation in this world to be salvation from God.Praise the Lord for helping us to meet and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with them all and they are very happy with this program.

Youth program at Pailin province.

Youth program at Pailin province

Youth program

Sharing Gospel to the YouthYouth program


  ​​​​​​​​If we travel from Phnom Penh to Pailin province you may take 5 Hours and the distance about 400Km.  Pailin is the resources of sapphire province and the smallest province but at there has more immigration people from other provinces in Cambodia to find the job and working there and also this province near Thailand border, so have many people come and crossing through this province.

 Recently,Our team LHM Cambodia went there to made the  Film Shows at Kro Chab village, Kro Chab commune, O Tavao district of Pailin province to proclaim the Gospel through Media who cooperate with Mr. Leap Rotha is the small group’s leader in Kro Chab village and he has requested this program from LHM Cambodia to reach outh the lost people there. Praise the Lord for His Ministry who brings our team to work there.

Film Show program at Kro chab village.

Film Show program at Kro chab village.

Film show  program at Pailin province

Film show program at Pailin province


    Recently, we have made the Puppet Shows at two places in Pailin province.At there we performed the Lost Son story and Grand Father Abraham Story. The Lost Son story is about the Father accepted His younger son who came home after wasting all his money by doing bad things. It shows the people about the love of God to human kind. Even we are sinners and do bad things against Him many times, He still loves us and accepts us back. The Grand Father Abraham Story is about God did not accept any sacrifice beside the Lamp of God which pointed to Jesus Christ, His Only begotten Son who later came to save sinners. Thank God for opening the way for us to proclaim His Name to the people. This program helps to evangelize to the lost people to hearing the Gospel. Thank you the Lord for LHM Cambodia has this program to evangelize both children and adult for Cambodian people.

Puppet show of the Lost son

Puppet show of the Lost son


Puppet show program at Pailin province

Puppet performance show

Puppet performance show

Play Game before puppet show

Play Game before puppet show


     My name is Kong Bunreth. I am 46 years old. I now live in Kea Tha Vong Leu village , Tropang Sala Khang Lech commune, Bontear Meas districk, Kompot province.I got married to my wife in 1996 and we have a son who is 17 years old now. We became Christians in 2009. I heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ since 1993, but instead of believing in God I mocked to the people who told me the Good News. Later on in 2009 my wife became sick with no reason, we met many doctors but they said there was no proof of any symptom that she was sick. We also went to meet many magic people in our province but those magic people cannot help her too. She got worse from month to month. We spent all money for travelling to take her to see doctors and magic people for many places. We were so depressed because of that.So at last I took my wife to meet a group of believers from other village. They are the simple people like my family too and are very poor. I told them about my wife’s problem. And then they prayed for us. She was not well at first but from day to day the situation was improving. About 3 months later she was well.So we both have prayed to God to accept Him as our Savior and Lord. Today we open our house as the church and we thank CCMC’s team by helping us to perform Puppet and to do Film Show at our house. We pray that God will lead many people to Him later. Thank be to God !