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Recently our team went to make youth program at two places.

1- Wesleyan New Life Psa Nher Church in Siem Reap province and

2- Penh Trea Home Church of Samrong district in Takeo province.Our LHM Cambodia cooperated with church leaders in the province to evangelized  and encourage the new christian through the bible.This Program would like to impower youth by increasing learning opportunities.The aim of this empowerment is to establish a wide-based community movement which encourages the positive involvement of young people in solving issues which affect them,treating them as resources,not as problems.In order to transform our communities, we will focus on three main areas:


-Youth Empowerment

-Families empowerment.

Praise the Lord for LHM Cambodia reach out the youths through this way.

Youth program at Youth Youth1 Youth


    Recently, we have had the Puppet Shows at two places in Kompong Cham province. And we performed about the Birth of Jesus Christ. It says about God became flesh. He was born in Jerusalem to fulfill His promise as it is written in the books of Isaiah and Micah. It shows the people about the love of God to human kind. Even we are sinners and do bad things against Him many times, He still loves us and makes plan for us so that we can go back to Him in our heavenly home forever. Thank God for opening the way for us to proclaim His Name to the people. Praise the Lord for this program to reach out the children.

Puppet performance program at Phnom Del primary school.

Puppet performance program at Phnom Del primary school.

Puppet Performance show program.

Puppet Performance show about birth of Jesus Christ

Puppet Performance show program

Puppet Performance show program


   On 30 June 2015 to 4 July 2015 Ongoing Ambassador For Christ team came to Cambodia cooperated with Cambodia Christian Ministry Center arranged the workshop “Youth Outreach program” for training to youths from difference eight churches from other provinces who taught by Ongoing Ambassador For Christ Team. This workshop held for four day which is different from others. They taught about the new method for evangelism such as: Puppet Performance show ,weekly evangelism, arrangement Worship service and music class. This program helped those youths to be brave and encourage them to proclaim the Gospel the Lord our savoir Jesus Christ to their communities. After finished this workshop all youths were very happy and thankful for that team who spent more time to train them. Praise the Lord for this team came to Cambodia to reach out the youths.oafc Outreach youth outreach. outreachYOuthYouth outreach


Recently,Pastor Naro director of LHM Cambodia went to have the Small Group Bible Study in Khnorng Mum village, Thmor Eth commune, Kompong Trolach districk, Kompong Chnnang province. We all seated on bed, under a house of a woman. We discussed about our real life nowadays and the plan of God for every one of us here in this world. Because of our sins we can live temporarily, facing many challenges and at last we all die. But God in His Mercy sent His Only Son, Jesus Christ to forgive our sins and make way for us to go back home eternity in heaven. By the power of His Word, God leaded a young man to be a Christian. Thank be to God for continuing to work day and night to win our soul. Amen !

Change Life

Change Life