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Recently, Our LHM Cambodia  just made Puppet Performance show at two villages

1-At Tropang Smach village, Chrey Thom commune, Romeas Hek district of Svay Reang province and

2- At Supor village, Me Sang district of Prey Veng province. We performed about Prodigal Son story from Luke 15:11-32 the meaning of this story talk about The main character in the parable, the forgiving father as our God forgive our sin like the Prodigal Son whose character remains constant throughout the story, is a picture of God call the sinner to came back to the salvation of God kingdom with the father in this story, Jesus identifies Himself with God in His loving attitude to the lost. Praise the Lord for our program to proclamation through this performance show. A men

Puppet performance Puppet show program Puppet show puppet


     Mrs. Svay Chhum is 45 years old. She lives in Tang Krang village, Chea Lea commune, Bathey district of Kompong Cham province. She is married with 3 children. She was one of the participants among the 13 people who attending the Small Group Bible Study program in May 2015. Mrs. Svay Chhum said that “ I heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ for many years already but I did not interested in it and I also mocked to the believers in other villages when I met them. But In 2013 my nephew graduated from High School in Kompong Cham and he went to college in Phnom Penh and stayed at the Christian Dormitory with his friends since we do not have relatives there. Later on he told me that he became a Christian, I was so angry to hear that. He tried to explain to me about God but the more he said the more I scolded him. Since he knew that I was not happy with him, he did not come to visit me as in the past while he come home. Until last year in 2014 I got sick with blood presure for 3 months, I cannot do any thing. By December, 2014 my nephew, Sareoun came to visit me and tell me more about God and by the power of the Holy Spirit I became a Christian too. Since that time he come to pray for me many times. Sometimes he invited the Pastor from his church to visit me and pray for me. Now I am well. thank God for His love and Compassion for me as a sinner”. Praise be to God, Amen!




     Recently, LHM Cambodia cooperated with the leaders to make the ETS(Equipping The Saint) training workshop at Hallelujah church. The purpose of this program are to promote our programs there with other pastor, churches, communities, organizations and other congregations to cooperate and work together with LHM Cambodia program who evangelism through media program. There were 57 people attending the program. They all came from 24 different places in Takeo and Kompot provinces.  And we recruited 23 volunteers to support our LHM Cambodia. Praise the Lord for LHM Cambodia have this training workshop to encourage leaders and pastor to join our program for His ministry.

ets training workshop. ets training workshop ets training ets training worshop