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    I am Ben Chhoeun, the pastor of Beiting-Home Church in Svay Rieng province. Before I came to faith, my life was very trouble, because we are the poor family earning income by growing rice with animals’ strength. I have five cows and one hectare of rice field. One night in 1995 all of my cows were robbed. My husband and I were very upset with that situation. We thought in our mind: How can we live with no cows, we need them to plough our rice field? Now they all were gone. We had tried to find our cows by asking a necromancer to help. But there was no result.

While we were faced with this problem, God has sent my sister to tell me the God News of Jesus Christ. She said that, don’t wory too much sister Ben Chhoeun, only believe in God, He will make plan for you. But, I was angry and mocked at her if your God Jesus Christ brings back my cows, I will believe in Him.

Miracle was happened, after a few days later I got information from the policeman. They told me that my two cows were found. So they asked me to bring them back.

This case, brought me to think about Jesus, and who is God? He can answer my request like this. At the same time my sister keeps telling me again and again from day to day about Christ and what He has done for my sins even I sinned against Him, He had died for me. So He called me to believe and I was baptized, but my husband did not believe at first.

The next few years later my husband received baptism too and we keep growing in faith with His word, we serve, praise and bring good news to our neighbor until now.

This month of September 2015 Pastor Chhuch Mon from Kampong Speu province, our companion has invited CCMC’s team to do the workshop about the “Urgent of the Evengelism”. We enjoyed so much with the teachings. Now some of us become the volunteers to share CCMC’s missions to our local unchurches people. Thank God for sending CCMC’s team to my local churches. Amen!




       Recently ,LHM Cambodia  went to gather the listeners of our Radio program who listening to our program “Answer for life”  broadcast every Mon-Friday time: 6:00PM-7:00PM and Overcome Fear from Mon-Saturday time: 7:00-7:30PM who broadcast through Family FM 99.5 MHz. The purpose of this program is to encourage the listeners and evangelize to non-Christian who join with us in that time. We went with our partners Family FM’s staff in Prek Thmey Primary School in Roka Korng commune, Roka Korng district of Kondal province. There were 44 people attending the program. Praise God for leading us to meet and encourage and evangelism them in the faith. A men

image image Radi


       LHM Cambodia just made ETS training workshop at Beting-Home Church in Sambath Meanchey commune, Romeas Hek district, Svay Reang province. The purpose of this seminar is to encourage the leaders ,pastor and church member to work for God ministry through our program. Pastor Chuch Mun had requested this program. The success of this program: All pastors and church leaders were happy with this workshop. They are serving the congregation now. But they seem very dry of God’s word. They are thirsty the water of life which is the God’s word. With our teaching  they are refreshing and they have requested us to do more in the future. Thank God for leading us to have connection with all of them.

Praise the Lord for LHM Cambodia has this program for encourage the leader and pastor in Cambodia.

ETS training workshop ets workshop ets


     LHM Cambodia made film show program at Beting village, Sambath Meanchey commune, Romeas Hek district, Svay Reang province. This program has been made by having good cooperation with pastor at there. It is a good program for LHM Cambodia to reach out the lost people to know about Jesus Christ is the loving God for all nations. This program helps to evangelize and promote LHM Cambodia programs in those areas to reach out the non-Christian people to get Christian faith.

Film show program.. Film Show program