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     LHM Cambodia  have conducted Small Group Bible Study program for four times with local church in Cambodia.

1- At Kbal Dom Rey village of Phnom Penh city.

 2- At Tom Nub village of Preah Vihea province.

 3- At Chamka Kaosou of Sihanouk province and

 4- At Veal village of Sihanouk province by cooperated with other pastor in Cambodia.

The purpose of this program is to evangelize and encourage the new believers and non-Christian to hear the Good news of salvation. Thank you the Lord for this program to reach out the people in Cambodia. Amen

IMG_2012 IMG_2014

Small Group Bible Study program


       Recently, LHM Cambodia made youth program at TG Sport Center by competition soccer team with four churches:

1.5P Church

2.Concordia Institute

3.Grace Church and

4.Lutheran Church of Cambodia.

We cooperated this program with pastors and church leaders by invite the youth from their churches and the unbelieving youth from their communities to play football and share the message of hope to them. Praise the Lord that He has given us the privilege to serve Him through this way. Amen

1 2 3 4


      LHM Cambodia had performed Puppet show program at three times.The first at Prek Phdao Community School Prek Phdao village, Roka Kaong commune, Muk Kampul district, Kandal province. The second place at Angkor Kjung You Center in Siem Reap province.The third place at New Life Church in Phnom Pennh Thmey commune, Sen Sok district, Phnom Penh city. We performed about Prodigal Son and the birth of Jesus Christ story. The total of these three place are 1899 people had seen the show. All these two stories very important help to share the Gospel to outreach both children and adult through this performance.Praise the Lord for LHM Cambodia has this program to proclaim the Gospel to the people in Cambodia.

Puppet show at New Life Phnom Penh Thmey church

Puppet show at New Life Phnom Penh Thmey church.

Puppet Performance show program at Prek Phdao Community School.

Puppet Performance show program at Prek Phdao Community School Kandal province.

Puppet performance show at Angkor Kjung You Center Siem Reap province.

Puppet performance show at Angkor Kjung You Center Siem Reap province.


     My name is Touch Moeun. I live in Krang Svay village, Thomta Or commune, Samraong Tong district of Kompong Speu province. I am 65 years old now, I was the active member of Buddhism religion. Bad things happened to me 2 times that made me discouraged. In 1983 my son died, he was a good child and obdience to me as his father so much. I was so depressed to lost him. And in 1998 I tried to make income to help the family by raising and selling cows and oxen, but a man who pretent to be the good dealer cheated me. Once he took all my 10 cows and oxen to go to sell in Kos Kong and never return to give me any money. From that time I became more poorer not only in phisical but in spiritual too. I disscussed with my neighbor about it, but they said I must have done anything very bad in the prevous life. That was why I met this situation in this present life. I was very down and hopeless. But a few month later someone came to me and told me about Jesus Christ, at first I did not believe but the pastor (the man who told me about God) who had a project to help the orphan in another village asked my wife to be the cook at his orphanage. So she left home for two weeks to work and stay at the orphanage. Later on I went to visit her, and met the pastor again. He spent time with me about 2 hours explainning me more about God and his plan of salvation, by the power of the Holy Spirit I became a Christian in 1998. But last 18 months the missionary who was my superior fired me without reason. He said I was too old to work. But thank God that CCMC team came to meet me and spent time with me. They talk about the love of God and do outreach work to every where. It seems that God sent them to find me. Now I become the coordinator/volunteer who take Bible Corespondent Course (BCC) program to detribute in my surrounding villages. I also study the materials by myself too. Praise God for His faithful love to me.

Change Life

Change Life