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Recently, LHM Cambodia had film show program at Thoam Nearth village, Tang Krasang commune, Son Tuk district, Kampong Thom province. The story talked about” Good News” In this film show, from the beginning God create everything and human until they bring Jesus to the cross. This movie show Jesus’ bloody, battered body is a thing God needs in order to bring salvation to humans. God demands a substance—blood—from a sacrificial victim and the Jesus of these films are willing to give blood and be those victims. These visual portrayals of Jesus’ blood often have more to do with directors’ overly literal understandings of the Eucharist (“this is my body; this is my blood given for you”) than with any historical understandings of crucifixion or the gospel’s descriptions of Jesus’ death. The point here is not whether Jesus did or did not bleed, but rather that a film’s representation of that blood reveals a particular interpretation or theological viewpoint.







IMG_0152 IMG_0151


Kampong Thom is Cambodia’s second largest province by area. Its capital is named Kampong Thom, a picturesque town on the banks of the Stung Saen River.The Sambor temple and Prei Kuk temple are the two main temples in Kompong Thom as well as other less significant Angkorian sites. Kompong Thom was a very powerful capital in Southeast Asia during the Funan period. Later on, during the French rule, the province was home to a large group named the Stieng, but they have long been assimilated into Khmer society. Kampong Pos Thom was the original name of the present called Kampong Thom. Because originally long time ago, at the dock of the Sen River next to a big natural lake, there was a big cave with a pair of big snakes inside. The people living around this area usually saw these big snakes every Buddhist Holiday.

Time after that, the snakes disappeared, and the people of that area called it Kampong Pos Thom. Then, only short words Kampong Thom. During the French colony in Cambodia, the French ruled and divided Cambodian territory into provinces, and named them according to the spoken words of the people Kampong Thom Province.The provincial capital Kampong Thom is another bustling town on the banks of the Stung Sen River. The town itself is strategically located on the National Highway No 6 between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Its more a stopover to have a break from driving long distances or to eat something on the way to Siem Reap or Phnom Penh, than a very touristic place. Despite the town itself people come to explore the pre-Angkorian Chenla capital Sambor Prei Kuk, the remote temples of Preah Khan and Prasat Preah Vihear.



ការសំដែរងតុក្កតាក្នុងសាលាបឋមសិក្សា វាង

ការសំដែរងតុក្កតាក្នុងសាលាបឋមសិក្សា វាង



Recently, LHM Cambodia made puppet performance  Shows program in Vang Primary School in Vang village, Tang Krasang commune, Son Tuk district, Kampong Thom province. The prodigal son story is talking about the Father accepted His younger son who came home after wasting all his money by doing bad things. It shows the people about the love of God to human kind. Even we are sinners and do bad things against Him many times, He still loves us and accepts us back. Thank God for opening the way for us to proclaim His Name to the people.Praise the Lord for LHM Cambodia have this program to reach out Cambodian people.A men.

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The History of Lutheran Hour Ministries: 1917-Present

In 1917, a group of 12 men attending a convention of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in Milwaukee met to settle a $100,000 debt incurred by the church body. They accomplished that goal, and in the process formed the Lutheran Laymen’s League (LLL). The LLL next raised more than $2.7 million to fund a pension plan for professional church workers.

Radio Programming

In 1930, the LLL made a commitment to fund one year of broadcasting a weekly national radio program to be called The Lutheran Hour®. The first program was broadcast Oct. 2, 1930. The Lutheran Hour continues on the air today, making it the world’s oldest continually broadcast Christ-centered radio program. From the show’s early years to today, speakers Dr. Walter A. Maier, Dr. Armin C. Oldsen, Dr. Lawrence Acker, Dr. Oswald Hoffmann, Dr. Wallace Schulz, Dr. Dale A. Meyer, and the Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus have shared God’s changeless Word and offered comfort and hope to millions.

The success of The Lutheran Hour led the organization to kick off another radio show in 1991. Woman to Woman, hosted by Phyllis Wallace, takes an in-depth look at issues facing women and handles these topics in a caring Christian manner. Guests have included Kurt Warner, Wynona Judd, and Barbara Mandrell.

International Ministries

In 1940, the international thrust of the LLL ministry began with The Lutheran Hour being broadcast by Dr. Andrew Melendez in Spanish. In 1940, the LLL opened its first international ministry center in the Philippines. Five years later, it opened a ministry center in Australia. With the scope of the organization becoming more worldwide in nature, the word “International” was officially added to the LLL’s name in 1972. Today, the Int’l LLL has ministry centers located throughout the world, staffed almost entirely by nationals of the countries where it operates. These devout Christians use radio and TV programming, the Internet, dramas, music, Bible Correspondence Courses, printed materials, and other media to share Christ in and around their countries, often at great personal risk.

Television Programming

In 1952, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod ventured into television with a dramatic series entitled This Is the Life. The program examined contemporary moral problems and gave Christian solutions. In the early years, This Is the Life was a drama series featuring the Fisher Family. In the later years, it was an anthology series with a different set of characters each week. Several famous actors made guest appearances on This Is the Life during this period, including Jack Nicholson, Buddy Ebsen, and Leonard Nimoy. The program aired from 1952 until 1988, first in syndication and then on NBC. This Is the Life reruns continue today on a limited basis in the U.S. and other countries, where the voices are often dubbed into native languages.


         My name is Chen Songet (Mr. Be). I live in Phnom Penh City and work for the Travel & Tour Company now as a tour guide and visa consultant. But my home town is in Bonteay Mean Chey province. I have no father, I left home to stay with the monks at the pagoda when I was 14 years old in order to study and because my mother has been very poor, she cannot afford for me to go to school. But in pagoda, when the monks went from home to home in the village to ask food from the people, I went with them to help carrying their baskets and at pagoda i served the monks by boiling water for them for tea. To do that they like me and they shared me food to eat. It was not plenty but at lease I can live with that and can go to school. In 2008 I came to Phnom Penh city to find job and continued my education, it was God’s plan for me that He sent His messenger to tell me the Gospel at that time. I did not understand much about God but the Christian who live nearby my place kept inviting me to go to church. That was what I became a Christian. But because of work I have moved from place to place many times and also the tour company has assigned me to go to foreign country to lead the tour groups a lot. I did not go to church at all even I am a believer. My faith in God became very cold and I live like the unbelievers. Even though God still loves me, recently Mr. Phin Naro came to me for asking me to help arrangement for him to apply a visa to Germany. He told me that he is a Christian and he shared me personaly about God’s word and Christian life. Mr. Naro is really encouraging me for only meeting him 2 times about 2 hours. Praise God that God prepares His servant to bring Gospel to the world and the lost like me. I do not promise that I will go to church every Sunday but I will continue to pray and to seek His Kingdom.


Mr.Chen Songet’s testimoy