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Recently, LHM Cambodia conducted ETS training workshop at Cambodia New Generation in Phnom Penh City. We did this program for encouraging and urging to Church’s leader and pastor to use LHM’s program and  promote lay Christians to share their faith and provide them with useful tools and strategies for witnessing and want them to know the LHM Cambodia ministry programs to participate and promote God’s ministries. This ETS trained volunteers help and get LHM Cambodia’s programs  in their community to make the non-Christian people and lost people have known Jesus Christ and change their lives to accept Christian faith. Praise the Lord with his calling them to join and study the word of God.Amen!

ETS training worshop at New Generation Church

ETS training worshop at New Generation Church

img_3217 img_3234 img_3235

Pastor Peter the Leader of New Generation Church

Pastor Peter the Leader of New Generation Church


Recently, LHM Cambodia made Youth program to provided Christian guidance to youth to help them to make good healthy decisions in their lives and make Bible study group to make them get the Christian faith and ask them to be BCC volunteer to help LHM Cambodia ministries programs to proclaim the gospel of the Lord to reach out the lost people in their communities. We make youth program every week by having good cooperation with congregations, Church leaders and pastors. There are many other Church leaders requested LHM Cambodia helping to harden the Youth program in their Churches. LHM Cambodia ministry is increasingly better and better to make the Churches, congregations and pastors know and participate LHM Cambodia programs, especially the un-churched people have attended and change their lives to get Christian faith by Local Media and Equipping programs of LHM Cambodia ministries in the areas. Praise God for this program for reach out the Cambodia youth in Cambodia. Amen

img_0328 img_0330 img_0340 img_0342


Recently,LHM Cambodia had film show program at New Life Fellowship church in Prey Thom village of Siem Reap province and Srae village of Kompong Thom province. The story talked about”Good News” In these films show, from the beginning God create everything and human until they bring Jesus to the cross. This movie show Jesus’ bloody, battered body is a thing God needs in order to bring salvation to humans. God demands a substance—blood—from a sacrificial victim and the Jesus of these films are willing to give blood and be those victims. These visual portrayals of Jesus’ blood often have more to do with directors’ overly literal understandings of the Eucharist (“this is my body; this is my blood given for you”) than with any historical understandings of crucifixion or the gospel’s descriptions of Jesus’ death. The point here is not whether Jesus did or did not bleed, but rather that a film’s representation of that blood reveals a particular interpretation or theological viewpoint. In this program There were about 333 people had join the program.

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