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Recently, LHM Cambodia has conducted ETS training Workshop  at Unity in Love Church in Chek village,Kiri Chongkoh commune,Kiri vong district,Takeo province.There were 38 people participating in the workshop Churches/Groups/Christian NGOs attending the workshop. We have recruited 18 volunteers to support LHM’s Cambodia program for our mission. This program more useful for church leaders to contact our program to evangelize at their community. Praise the Lord for LHM Cambodia has this training to encourage the church leaders to reach out the lost people in their areas.

ETS participant

ETS participants


ETS program at Unity in Love church

ETS program at Unity in Love church

ETS training workshop

ETS training workshop


Recently,LHM Cambodia has made YOUTH PROGRAM at Unity in Love church in Chek village,Kiri Chongkoh commune,Kirivong district,Takeo province.The purpose of this program is to provide the Christian guidance to youth to help them make godly decisions in their lives.This program educates youth from a Christian perspective on the dangers of illegal drug usage and alcohol abuse,the impact of negative lifestyles, and the effect of social forces that negatively impacted them.Our youth program occurs every week with the garment factory youth workers,villages youth and student who stay at the dorms.Praise the Lord for LHM Cambodia has this program to help youth in Cambodia.Amen!

img_2319 img_2317 img_2316

Youth program at Unity in Love Church

Youth program at Unity in Love Church


Recently, LHM Cambodia made Bible Study Group with local church at Unity in Love church at Chek village, Kiri Chongkoh commune, Kirivong district, Takeo province. Mrs. Outh Maloth is a leader. The purpose of this program is to evangelize for Non-Christian and encouraging new believers. This is the one of our program for evangelism to Cambodia Nations. Praise the Lord for this program to bringing Christ to the Nations and the Nations to the Church. Amen

Small Group bible study at  Chek village.

Small Group bible study program at Unity in Love church


Recently, LHM Cambodia had film show program Sre Keh village, Saom commune and Chek village, Kiri Chong Kaoh commune. Those two places are in Kirivong district of Takeo province.The title of the film is “The Last Flying”, It is about a man by the name Dane Hugun rejected God and His servant for many years but at last by the power of His love Mr. Dan Hugun prayed and accept God as his Lord and Savior. Thank you Lord his message of hope to the people at there.img_2183 img_2184 img_2187 img_2190