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Recently, LHM Cambodia made Puppet Performance Show program at three places:

1.Kruos Primary School 

2.Vihear luong Primary School

3.Prey Moul Primary School. Those schools are in Rolea B’ier district, Kompong Chhnang province. Our team performance“The Prodigal Son story” talked about the Father accepted His younger son who came home after wasting all his money by doing bad things. It shows the people about the love of God to human kind. Even we are sinners and do bad things against Him many times, He still loves us and accepts us back. Thank God for opening the way for us to proclaim His Name to the people. Praise the Lord who allow us cooperate with other pastor and other congregation to make this program to reach out with children. There were 1069 children and teachers/adults had seen the show. Thank God for opening the hearts of the school’s principals to allow us to present Christ to the students in their schools.

img_3831 img_3833

Puppet Performance show in Kampong Chhnang province.

Puppet Performance show in Kampong Chhnang province.

Puppet Performance show

Puppet Performance show


My name is Hem Seak. I live in Sre village of Brasad Balang district of Kompong Thom province.I would like to share about the power of God that has worked in my life.I have 10 children but 5 died when they were young. In 1997 another 4 years old girld (she is in this photo wearing white T-shirt), Meas Som Lot, my six daughter got sick and almost die. During that time God sent a pastor to tell me the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He said to me “Sister, please believe in Jesus Christ and pray for your daughter to get well. He will hear your prayer and make your daughter well, I am sure”. After I heard the pastor told me, I resopnsed to him straight away “yes, I believe in Jesus. Please pray for her, Pastor and he did pray for my daughter”. You see, in that time I was really in need for someone to help me and my whole family. I hate seeing all my five children dying one by one in a row and the next turn, Meas Som Lot, the six will die too. After the prayer, she still has had fever but she was not dying and later on she got well. Since that time April 04, 1997_ my daughter never got sick again. It shows me that God is real to me so my whole family believe in Him and we got baptised. My daughter, Meas Som Lot is married with one child now. That is what God does in my life and I told every one in my village and all whom I know “if somebody gave me the gold big as a coconut fruit and ask me to abandon God, I will not accept the gold. Christ is more valuable than gold”. I do not have things to say much to people. I only tell them, believe in God and you will have peace in your family.


 Mrs.Hem Seak’s Testimony


Rally Program

Recently, we made rally gathering program at Toul Khsach Church in Toul Khsach village, Toul Khsach commune, Chrey Bak district, Kampng Chhnang province.The purpose of this program is to meet pastor, leaders and sharing our programs to work with them. CCMC’s director have shared and encouraged them in the faith by the Word of God. Especially he urging those leaders to contact our program to reach out the lost people  in their communities by using media evangelical program. Praise God for this program to glorify him. Amen

Rally program at Tuol Khsach church in Kampong Chhhnang province.

Rally program at Toul Khsach church in Kampong Chhhnang province.