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ETS Training Workshop

This month we make ETS training workshop in Bathamborng province to promote lay Christians to share their faith and provide them with useful tools and strategies for witnessing and want them to know the LHM Cambodia ministry programs to participate and promote God’s ministries. There are 38 participants coming from various denominations to attend it and also we have gotten 7 new ETS trained volunteers to help LHM Cambodia’s programs. These ETS trained volunteers help to promote and get LHM Cambodia’s programs to promote in their community to make the non-Christian people and lost people have known Jesus Christ and change their lives to accept Christian faith. There were more lost people had changed their lives to go to  Church and helped LHM programs by our volunteers. LHM Cambodia’s programs have good process and progress is because of having good cooperation from the volunteers, Church leaders, pastors and good advice from Asia Area Counselor and LHM International director.

ETS Training Workshop

On January 2010 we have ETS training workshop in Four Gospel Church at Mondulkiri province. There are 38 people participate it and get 9 new ETS trained volunteers. Most of the participants are the tribe people.

The objective of the ETS training workshop is.

1. What is LHM? 2. Why Evangelize, 3. Evangelism, 4. Recipes, 5. Hospitality, 6. Local Media, 7. Commission, 8. Recruit ETS trained volunteer to help LHM Cambodia ministry programs

The ETS training workshop went well because of we had contacted the pastor and Church leader of this Four Gospel Church before we started it and we prepared every material that related to the ETS training workshop for the ETS participants such as ETS bags, song CD, cartoon VCD, cartoon Books, Booklets, requested form papers for puppets performance and film show to fill with request, fundraising promotion flyers, CCMC brochures and CCMC address with telephone’s numbers, CCMC E-mail, website and WordPress to contact CCMC. And also we gave the participants the evaluation papers to evaluate us and the ETS workshop after finishing it. The pastor, Church leader and participants are friendly, happy, good cooperation and they are very interested in LHM project of Local Media and Equipping.

The picture with a person who stand alone is the ETS trained volunteer

ETS training workshop

On November 27, 2009 we have ETS training workshop at Community of Christ Church in Rathanakiri province to motivate lay Christians to share their faith and provide them with useful tools and strategies for witnessing. There are 43 people who are from Independent Churches, Protestant Churches, CAMA Organization, Presbyterian and Lutheran to attend it. And 38 of them are tribe people to attend it and 7 of them are ETS trained volunteer. ETS training workshop has good process, good cooperation and friendliness between CCMC and Participants. ETS has successfully finished with good testimony of ETS trained volunteer. Thank Lord