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More Churches Request Help Building Youth Programs

On July we have provided Christian guidance to youth to help them to make good healthy decisions in their lives and make Bible study group to make them get the Christian faith and ask them to be BCC volunteer to help LHM Cambodia ministries programs. There are 105 youths from different Churches have attended Youth Program and some of them are Garment Factory workers, building construction workers and students. They are very pleased to join youth program for God changes their lives, the idea, experiences and know each other to contact the works for God’s ministries and go to Church. Nowadays the Youth Program is going to have good process and get progress like the other programs in the LHM Cambodia. There are some other Church leaders requesting LHM Cambodia staffs to join the youth programs in their Churches to make their youth programs get progress. These good achievements are built by having help from the Lord. Thank God for these progressive works.

Ministry Promotion Activities

On May 2010 LHM Cambodia staffs have worked to collaborate with the Church leader, BCC volunteers and other congregations to make LHM Cambodia’s programs promotion to the people who live in Beong Nimol village in Independent Tonle Church at Komport province to make them know LHM Cambodia’s programs, proclaim the gospel of the Lord to reach out the lost people and ask them to help LHM Cambodia programs by being BCC volunteer. The people are very interested in BCC program and they have asked BCC books to learn and also they would like to thank God who opens the way for them to come to see Him.

Ministry Activities

Every time that I come to make LHM Cambodia ministries programs in dry season I always remark that the ponds, hand dig wells and small bored well are dry up and the most unchurched and Christian people who live in the rural areas do not have enough unclean and clean water to drink. And they go to get the water far from their villages by using the cow cart, towed wheel cart, bike and carry it on shoulder. Moreover some children get dangerous diseases by using unclean water such as diarrhea, typhoid and skin diseases and poor personal hygiene. They have always prayed to the Lord to bless them to have clean water to drink to avoid these problems. Thank Lord

Ministry Activities


We are the Church leaders of Roung Independent Church, Phrich Church, Tonle Chivit Church, Takouch Church, Chhouk Church, Christ Church, Church of Life Word, Khom O Church and Prey Nup Church and are the representative of the Cambodian poor people would like to thank the Christian people, the LHM director and OGT director who have the generousness and worked very hard to look for and collect the OGT items from various places to give the Cambodian poor people. Your good gesture and generousness increasingly make us having strong believed to follow God and this is a grace of the Lord who always gives His people. Would God please continue to bless us that are His poor people. At the end we would like to pray God to bless you all and your families to have good health to serve God’s ministries and also we would like God’s works grow and progresses everywhere to make the lost people get His words, know His name and salvation.


Church leaders  

Ministry Activities

In this December we have attended to enjoy the Christmas in Tonle Chivit Church to promote CCMC project to ask the people to help CCMC programs. And also in this December we have OGT item distribution to the poor people in eight Churches such as Phrich Church, Tonle Chivit Church, Takoch Church, Chhouk Church, Christ Church, Church of Life Word, Saphear Phibal Church and Prey Nub Church. The poor people are very pleased to come to get these OGT gifts and they would like to thank LHM director and OGT director who have worked very hard to look for and collect these OGT items from various places to give them. Thank God for helping us,  may His ministries and kingdom progress.

Ministry Activities

CCMC has five local advocacy boards to support it and we have a meeting every four months to progress the ministry projects and solve the problems that has blocked our working activities and this is a local advocacy boards meeting with Mrs. Gunya to talk about strengthening CCMC project such as.

 1. Help to harden and enlarge LHM and CCMC ministries by informing the  Churches about CCMC’s programs in order to make them know our ministries and contact us to get CCMC local media tools and equipping.

2.   Help to make BCC students and BCC volunteers to get BCC lesson books for them.

3.   Help to look for local fundraising to support CCMC ministries.

4.   Brief Ministry Activities Report

Thank God for giving us this good meeting.

Ministry Activities

Every month we have staffs meeting to develop CCMC ministries programs and solve the problems that we have met in working activities and this is a staffs meeting with Mrs. Gunya to talk about what we will do before making the OGT items distribution to the Cambodian poor people.

1. Pray before starting the OGT items distribution.

2. Introduction about the project.

3. Explain the people about the OGT items such as School supplies, Quilts/Blankets etc.

4. Staffs role and responsibility

5. Expenses.

6. Make report and pictures for blog.

7. Churches and villages receipt.

8. Contact.

9. Pictures for distribution such as crowd and individual pictures.

It is a good meeting to talk about that and it has finished peacefully.